Today, people are always looking at their screens. They’re either scrolling through their social media feed or playing a game. Wouldn’t it be dope if your devices could make you some money while they’re running? Today I’m using EarnApp to sell some of my unused bandwidth in the background.

Table Of Contents

What Is EarnApp?
Setup EarnApp.
Installing EarnApp.
How Do I get Paid?
Who is behind EarnApp?
What does EarnApp use the bandwidth for?
Are there any risks to using EarnApp?

What is EarnApp?

EarnApp is a neat service that runs in the background of your computer(s) to sell some of your bandwidth throughout the day to make money. It’s completely safe and in my observation so far hasn’t had any performance impact noticeable by a person.  According to their estimator, I can make about 30$ a month selling 1GB of bandwidth a day which is a few cups of coffee or a nice dinner.

Setup EarnApp

All you need to get started is an account, which you can get by signing in with google.  After creating your account, Setting up EarnApp is easy. On Windows, Linux or Raspberry Pi. It’s only a few clicks to install it and be up and running!

Installing EarnApp


To install EarnApp on Windows, just log into the EarnApp Dashboard and click “Windows” under the Supported Platforms section. 

install EarnApp on windows to earn passive income in the background

Linux And Raspberry Pi

Setup is easy on linux & raspberry Pi. All you need to do is run the command below to download & run their install script. Then link the device in the Dashboard & you’re set!

wget -qO- > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

And it will output something like this in our console:

ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ wget -qO- > /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

Installing EarnApp CLI

Welcome to EarnApp for Linux and Raspberry Pi.

EarnApp makes you money by sharing your spare bandwidth.

You will need your EarnApp account username/password.

Visit to sign up if you don’t have an account yet

To use EarnApp, allow BrightData to occasionally access websites through your device. BrightData will only access public Internet web pages, not slow down your device or Internet and never access personal information, except IP address – see privacy policy and full terms of service on Do you agree to EarnApp’s terms? (Write ‘yes’ to continue): yes

Installing… Creating directory /etc/earnapp Fetching aarch64 –2022-01-27 17:40:37– Resolving (…, Connecting to (||:443… connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 302 Found Location: /static/earnapp/aarch64?md5=77036544-58fafdfb [following] –2022-01-10 12:20:55– Reusing existing connection to HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK Length: 77036544 (73M) [application/octet-stream] Saving to: ‘/tmp/earnapp’/tmp/earnapp 100%[==============================================================================>] 73.47M 31.7MB/s in 2s2022-01-27 17:40:20 (31.7 MB/s) – ‘/tmp/earnapp’ saved [77036544/77036544]d360e24e2b66b916bfbf6e46ac2ab7dd /tmp/earnapp running /tmp/earnapp install

✔ Moving /tmp/earnapp to /usr/bin

✔ Service earnapp enabled

✔ Service earnapp_upgrader enabled

✔ EarnApp is installed and running.

✔ EarnApp is active (making money in the background)

See usage options by running earnapp

⚠ You must register it for earnings to be added to your account.

⚠ Instructions:

⚠ 1. Copy the following device ID to your clipboard: sdk-node-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

⚠ 2. Go to the EarnApp dashboard

⚠ 3. Click on “Link device”

⚠ 4. Paste the device ID

How do I get paid?

Earnapp pays through PayPal, or through amazon gift cards.

I went with PayPal, so every time I hit 5$ it’ll get shuffled over to my account the next day.

Who is behind EarnApp?

EarnApp is owned by Bright Data, formerly Luminati. They’ve been around since 2014 are very credible.

BrightData provides smart data access to over 10,000 customers, including major banks, universities, social networks, eCommerce sites. These customers are able to get the data they need thanks to BrightData’s powerful product. — Web statistics, price comparisons, and other types of information they can use to operate more efficiently.

What do EarnApp and their clients use the bandwidth for?

EarnApp is a decentralized platform that provides the opportunity for people to earn money by providing their unused bandwidth. The EarnApp team has developed an innovative technology that enables individuals to share their internet connection with clients in order to generate revenue. This concept is called “bandwidth sharing” and it works like this.  You install the app and make your computer available to the EarnApp network.  Their customers then use their dashboards to search for search rankings of their websites and competitors, product descriptions, and more.  As far as I can tell it’s all for market research.

Are there any risks to using EarnApp?

The only risk to EarnApp is that it might violate your usage agreement with your ISP, as some ISPs might not allow you to resell your bandwidth. Beyond that, there’s no risk.

After installing EarnApp I monitored that machine for several days and at the time of writing, I saw no suspicious traffic, activity, or usage beyond exactly what they say. EearnApp is only using your bandwidth for visiting search engines, shopping sites and blogs to analyze them.


I waited a few days since signing up to publish this. When I signed up there was only an hour left that day so there wasn’t much to report, and I waited. 

The first full day sold 193MB of bandwidth.

On the second day, I sold 212MB.

On the third day, I sold 281MB of bandwidth for 28 cents.

It seems to average 200MB or 20 cents a day so far, but I imagine that’ll go up as the year progresses.

It’s not much but I for only a few minutes of setup, I’ll be able to enjoy a few extra bucks to put against my electric bill, or get myself some loot from amazon every now and again. I also think the demand for scraped data will pick back up as the year progresses.


EarnApp is an easy way to make some money passively while doing your own thing. I’ll follow up in a month with my earnings so far.