3D Printed Rainbow Silk PLA Karambits.

I decided to print a shitload of them in pretty colors to test my new 3d printer and get used to different settings.  That said, these are all slightly varied.  I figured I’d giveaway and sell off a few to raise money for more filament for the printer.  Feel free to reach out to me via twitter for designs and commissions.

Silk PLA is a bit brittle, and while these are durable enough to be a fancy letter opener, something like cardboard would probably degrade the blade over time.

The variations are numbered from the top down, the top is #1, the bottom is #16.  I got tired of labeling slight differences in color.  Pick the number you want from the drop down and if it’s in stock you can buy it, or get it free if you win the giveaway.


Want to get one for free?  I’m giving away 5 for free on Friday May 7th!