Struggling with SEO?  Need help?  I’ve got whatever you need on demand!  Weather you need your list of keywords expanded, sites to comment & guestpost on, or even a list of websites sorted by rank, I’ve got you covered!  Below I’ll cover and explain each of the configurable options, and you can see a demo of the mined the data.  When complete you will recieve an email confirmation with a link to your mined data.

For those unclear, this service is selling keyword research & websites you can comment/backlink from.



To mine as much data as possible, my servers will use thousands of other computers as middlemen, so I can execute dozens to thousands of searches a second.  You might choose USA proxies if you want search results closest matching american consumers searches, or global if you want to hit everyone’s unique global interests & suggestions.


Search Engines Mined:

Simply put, who are we going to ask to give us all their data to sort through? Google?  Bing? Yahoo?  All of them?


Keyword Mining:

If you’ve got a list of keywords you want mined, that’s great!  If you don’t, give me 1 or 2 to start with and we’ll expand upon those.  We do that by putting them into google, and copying all the suggestions.  Each time we do this is another level deeper, taking the suggestions we just got and asking for more.  This is a great way to discover longtail keywords.

If you purchase keyword mining, you will recieve one text document for each level of mining containing the results.  If you purchase lvl 4 keyword mining, you get 4 txt files, one for each level of mining.


What are we mining for?:

Some people just want keywords, some are interested in pages to backlink from, others for sites to guestpost on.  I’ll happily target whatever you like.

If you choose backlinks or guest posting, you will recieve a txt file list of URLs that were mined with your keywords.


Parse Domain Authority:

It may be useful for you to have your results filtered by rank.  Do you want a file with page authority and domain authority of your URLs?

Sample of Mined Data

*As with all services in this category, this is non refundable.  Be sure to make sure you understand the service you are purchasing.  Feel free to reach out to me on facebook with any questions you may have 🙂