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Self taught jack of all internet trades. My first income was was making bots for videogames. I would sell the bot softare, and all the in game currency my bots were making me for real money. I love all things automation. I hit a point where I was running a few small server farms and hosting environments. I used the "perks" of such jobs to run my own stuff on the side and learn whatever was of interest. I like building my skillset, and now I'm getting ready to share all that. I hope you enjoy your time on my site. Please consider following me with the links at the top or bottom of the page!

How to use custom search engine operator parameters – Ex: Showing only PDF documents

This is copy/pasta from a post I made in a facebook group on the topic of using advanced search operators to search exclusively for PDFs, and other little known tricks.  I might have prettied it up a wee bit.   Some quick & Dirty EDU on custom search engine parameters. I thought I might share [...]

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